Sandy Pug Games is a small RPG design company that makes interesting and unique games and supplements. Formerly a board game design project, I took a break from design for a couple years before returning with a million RPG ideas and a newly found zeal for writing a bunch of nonsense about wizards.

I’ve been running and designing games for a good 10~ years now which is a little scary to write but we all have to face the yawning inevitable march of time sooner or later, how better than through elfgames! My favourite systems are Dungeon World, Fate and Blades in the Dark. When I’m not designing games I work to develop a food based community outreach group with my friends.

I used to do a podcast about Space. You can check it out here. I think its pretty neat.

Sandy Pug Games is sorta named after a dog I once knew, find the hidden link cave for pics of him and other animals I care for.

If you’d like to contact me for some reason, my email address is SandyPugGames [At] gmail.com or you can yell at me on Twitter here.

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