Custom Dungeon World Playbook

A few months ago I got a request to make someone a custom Dungeon World Playbook as a present for their loved one. They told me a range of hobbies and interests, as well as some goals and pictures I could edit and I went to work, crafting a very cool painter/animal-druid hybrid class that was, I hear, a hit at their table when it was used.

After doing this for a couple more friends, I thought it’d be cool to offer this as a service to anyone who might want a custom sheet making – maybe you want a specific kind of class, or a class based on yourself or someone you care about. Maybe you want to get that special nerd in your life the best valentines day gift ever, or the perfect introduction for someone who hasn’t touched an RPG before. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to accomodate and build something special and unique just for you!

Right now we offer two different packages – the Companion Class and the Full Playbook. A Companion Class is sort of like an addon class – they come with a whole host of moves and abilities that you can pick from in addition to your standard DW playbook. The full playbook is just that, a full and complete playbook designed to your specifications, complete with all the needed Moves, Flags and Death Moves you’d expect from a full Dungeon World Class.

The base price for these two commissions are $15 for the Companion Class, and $25 for the Full Playbook! I’ll also make a bit of cover art similar to my usual work (photo manipulation and Photoshop wizardry) for an extra $5.

To commission one of these, just email me at and we’ll get started!


This gift was such a sweet surprise, reading it made me feel as heroic and powerful as my character!” – K.P.