Sandy Pug Orginals

It’s not all hacks and supplements here at SPG, we also make some pretty cool stuff of our own. Designing games and settings without other systems can be a challenge, but it can be such a freeing experience to weave something out of whole cloth, and often is the only way to say something specific with mechanics is by making your own.

So far we’ve designed one game and one semi-system agnostic setting, as well as a handful of PnP board games we got about halfway through and stopped working on. You can read more about these at the links below!

Before we were anything, we were nothing

Before we were together, we were alone

Before we were Rangers, we were Boughless

The world as we know it is an infinite forest, so dense that sun rarely pierces the canopy. Beasts and monsters lurk in the shadows, ready to eat anything even remotely unprepared. The only place that’s safe is inside massive, city sized trees, each housing a unique civilization – The Boughs.

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Mirror is an intensely personal and intimate RPG experience about friendship.

The character you generate is the person sitting across from you, a dear friend or your partner perhaps. Take their best skills and battle the challenges and evils of the world as them, with them doing the same as you, use your bond to assist each other, and use your friends skills to support the party at large.

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Actual Play Podcasts:

Custom Dungeon World Sheets!

Get your very own custom, unique Dungeon World playbook commissioned by our expert gamesmiths here at Sandy Pug HQ. Head on over to our custom sheets page to learn more!